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A Nudist Couple
Changing Lifestyles

How would I describe Carole? Carole is an incredible of a kind. She is funny and quick witted with a wicked and unpretentious sense of humor that often shocks. Bashful and prude are not words in her vocabulary. She is wild, full of life and simply wonderful with such a loving and devoted heart.

What you will seldom see about Carole is the fact that she is disabled. Carole has congestive heart failure and only one lung. An incompetent surgeon accidentally clipped a nerve to one of her lungs while performing and entirely different operation. She has also suffered a stroke some years ago from an aneurysm as a result of surgery, is now fully recovered, still carries a coil and stint in her head and must wear oxygen twenty four hours a day.

She also suffers from hereditary migraine headaches, the kind that leave you incapacitated they are so intense. I have sat through many with her, both at home and in the ER.

And still, through all of this, her sense of humor is on the cutting edge and is wickedly funny. She keeps her doctors in stitches during examinations. They love her! She never complains, is always the eternal optimist and is thankful for each day given to live.

From childhood, both of our lives were unfortunately encumbered causing each of us to seek happiness in the wrong people and for the wrong reasons and in the wrong ways. It took us over 45 years to find each other and we recognized each other instantly. We were born and reared about fifty eight miles apart and had grown up with the same interests. It really is a small world!

We both knew what an abiding and unconditional love is but could never find it in anyone (Taking abuse from all the others) until we finally met. Our thirst for it will last Carole and I a lifetime and beyond as we gladly fulfill it for each other.

Carole never stops living and is an inspiration to anyone that believes "you are what you want to be and you can dare to accomplish whatever your heart desires."

Carole, handicapped? Couldn't prove it by me!

I was nearing my sixty second birthday and had made up my mind that it would be just me and my little poodle "Ditto"... not just for the birthday celebration coming up, but for all celebrations to fill my future years. Becoming a widow at age fifty seven and terrified of the 'single' world didn't make things any easier for me..... adding to the mixture of being born and reared in a very small Southern town of around twelve hundred people (and being related to most of them in one way or the other) certainly cut my odds of becoming a couple again.

Someone decided my life needed some spice so they sent me the web site for "Love Happens" and I just logged on to see what was happening in the cyber world.  To become a member of this site I would have to register and pay a membership fee..... and my bank account said "no way" to this idea.  Still I left my name on the site.  Much to my surprise, the site sent me an email and gave me the opportunity to send 'one' free email.  I filled out a profile on myself and decided on a distance to cover in my search and let the fun begin.  The site offered about eighty-five gentlemen that fit the description of my perfect match (yeah right) and all within the two hundred mile radius of my little country town.  After reading these profiles, I made my decision to use the "one free email" to contact Joe.

So .... I sent what was called 'an ice breaker' to Joe.. His profile had given me some information on his likes and dislikes and I hoped  I would surely fit into the "likes" category.  About a week later I did receive a response and that's the day my world changed.  Never thought of love at first sight and certainly not love at 'first write'.  I admit I was really interested in the fact that he was living in a Nudist Resort, but am certainly pleased that caught my eye. We chatted with emails for several days and Joe finally gave me his phone number and said to call him if I felt comfortable about it.  After about ten hours of on line chat and emails, I really felt we had known each other for years. Actually after getting to know Joe, we found our lives had really run rather along the same path.

We made plans for Joe to visit me on my birthday (what a nice surprise)... and immediately we knew the future would not be fulfilled without sharing it with each other. Joe indeed caught my eye..... he is so full of love for life in general, but now he is in love with me. Joe is every woman's dream and it is my pleasure to become "his" dream woman. I got lots of loving phone calls, beautifully written love letters and daily doses of "Joe"... he is the lifeline that starts my day and I consider it an honor to be part of his life.

Joe had told me about the nudist life he led and I had gone to their website and took the virtual tour, read all the FAQ's  and actually felt like I belonged there.  My first visit to the resort was on St. Patrick's Day and believe me when I say it only took me about five minutes to feel perfectly at home with this lifestyle. Granted having a wonderful partner like Joe and the fantastic folks at the resort made my transition very easy and comfortable, but it was like I had always been a part of the nudist way of life.

Joe had sent me several photos of their events and when he asked me what I thought, I immediately commented on things and never considered that the people were nude.  It was just the way things were supposed to be. Noticing their nudity was almost like a second thought.  From there things just got better, more comfortable and I became a part of nudist lifestyle. Now when we decide to go off the resort property, it's almost a chore to have to dress. Go figure, that a little country girl, raised Southern Baptist, had a father who was chief of police and a Mom that owned and operated the local hangout for kids, would become a "Nudist."

Reflections From Within

I once had a heart, so tender and true.....
but now it's gone from me to you......
so treat it good as I have done....
for you have two and I have none..

If I get to Heaven and you're not there..
I'll paint your face on a golden stair...
So the angels there can see.........
What you my darling, have done to me.

If you're not there by judgment day....
I'll know you've gone the other way...
And just to prove my love is true...
I will go to hell dear, Just for You..


I asked God for a flower, he gave me a bouquet
I asked God for a minute, he gave me a day
I asked God for true love, he gave me that too
I asked God for an angel and he gave me you

Rev Dave (M) Carol Love  (on left)

Joe and Carole


Dearest Carole:

All morning you have been on my mind, especially since your email to me, an email so honest and open. I believe you call it being “forward.” Please, please don’t stop being “forward” with me or “tone it down” as you say. I sense maybe that you might have just thought that if you get too serious at this point that you might scare me away. To the contrary. If anything, turn it up ten notches! I have waited 64 years for this moment…for a woman I could love….a lusty woman such as you who knows her own mind…..but with a heart of gold and a wealth of romance in her soul that understands unconditional love. If you “toned it down” for even a molecule I would be disappointed. What I want in a woman is very hard to find, yet you have it all. Surely this can’t be a dream or a hurtful game that is played. This must be real. Life owes me that after almost sucking the very being out of me. I want to fill your heart with all the love you never had and have the same returned. I want us both to feel so loved….so loved almost to the point of tears of joy and with the most exquisite and delicious emotional pain that hurts so good. I want our hearts to leap at just the thought of coming home to each other. I want to be miserable when I am not with you. I want to fulfill all of your fantasies no matter what they are. I want to be the other half of you but also your soul mate, your lover and perhaps in time your loving husband. I want to feel that we can share anything together. I want us to feel that we can bare our souls and our deepest inner most secrets and desires to each other, knowing that doing so it will be received by a loving heart that is so eager to oblige. I want us to be best friends and lovers so close and with a mutual trust so deep that certain words can be spoken between us that are for our ears only and no one else...even to the grave. Are these childish notions or a desire for the one thing I never had, the one thing I have always been denied? Whether it is childish or not, whether it is foolish or not, at this point in my life I don’t care anymore. Let those who would laugh, make light of me. Here is one last chance for happiness. Let it all fly from within. Hold nothing back. Go for it one last time and risk it all! When my ex and I separated she told me that “You talk the talk but you don’t walk the walk.” And I told her. “It takes two to walk this walk.” And what happens when the “new” wears off and the honeymoon is over and the routine of daily life sets in? It is our job to see that the “new” is always there, that the honeymoon is never over. And if we share the deep and abiding love that we both seek, the newness and the honeymoon will be automatic, almost without effort. But we still work on it anyway because it's so much fun doing it for the one you are in love with. Can you live with a man that has nothing to offer but one RV, one old car and a beating heart filled with so much love that it’s bursting to get out? Can you live with a man that is so uninhibited that physical contact is almost continuous? Can you live with a man that wants to hold your soul in his hands so he will have something to take care of and look after so he will feel useful, needed and wanted? Can you live with a man that is selfish in his love and demands the same in return yet sets you free to be you, uninhibited wonderful you? Can you live with a man that kisses the hollow of your hand and cradles your face in his palms? Can you live with a man with such intensity that just the thought of losing you would break him? Can you live with a man that may be not able to afford to buy you that special gift but will lovingly craft a homemade treasure of simple means and give it to you along with his heart and soul? Can you live with a man that needs you to speak the actual words of love aloud everyday knowing that those spoken words will be drank up like a healing tonic by a starving soul so bruised and battered? You are the only one I have found that can match my emotions and desires one for one. My very life will always long for your burning kisses, your scorching tongue and your caresses of erotic and loving touches. Just the feel of your skin, your body leaning against mine, your breath, your smile, your arm entwined in mine as we walk, the smell of your hair, the scent of your perfume, the mere sight of you, to adore you, your very essence.....breathes life itsself into this deep void of a human body. Are you ready for that? Do you want a man such as this for a lifetime? Like you, I cannot settle for anything less, not this very last time. In a committed relationship I want it all, or nothing. All of me in exchange for all of you.... Joe

My Dearest Joe....

It's amazing what merely being close to you did to me....It's something that goes beyond my control or understanding. Just your physical closeness triggered something primitive deep inside me that made me want, NO, need to touch you, breathe you in, become a part of your warmth. I think I could live forever in the shelter of your arms, finding sustenance in your embrace, happiness in your smoldering kisses that expressed more than words ever could. It's such a miracle that, out of the whole universe, you and I found each other. You are the lover I never believed could exist; the one person who made my fantasies come true, the one person, I truly could and will love forever. Just Me, Carole

My Darling Carole:

The first day we made contact, I knew you were the one for me. The first hello and the first goodbye we both knew. It has been almost two months, and we are still fondly in each other's minds, souls, and hearts. Before I met you I had no idea I would ever find the real love I have always longed for until my heart truly started aching for you. Every day we do not chat, and each day we are apart, the longing for you runs so deep. I never knew a woman could have stolen my heart and made it truly hers. I never knew I could love a woman more then my own life. I long for the day I can finally look into your beautiful soft kind eyes and tell you how much I love you, and how much I need you so. The true beginning of my life is when you are going to be here in March. These long years we have both waited, and all my dreams are finally coming true. Seeing you every day is going to be the biggest blessing to my heart knowing you are in touching reach of me. You are my every heartbeat, my every breathe of life. What I need to survive and make it through this lonely world can only be conquered with you by my side. I do not think there are any words that could describe the way I actually feel about you. All I know, is you, dear Carole, are the only woman that is in my mind, the only woman that is in my soul, the only woman who truly and unconditionally has my heart for my lifetime and many more lifetimes yet to be. When I think about you, my eyes start to fill because I know you are somewhere else and not by my side. But the thought of you keeps me going for another breathe of fresh air to keep my longing for you in my life going. I will never leave, and I will truly never hurt you. I admire you. You are my inspiration for anything, and everything on this cold earth. I never thought my time would come to love, and then it came and I was hit with so much emotion and power I did not know where to put it all. I have stacked it piece by piece in my heart for you. I truly believe you are my soul mate, and you are the only woman I will only give all I have to offer forever. I hope you never let go of me because I love you, and I know you love me too as much as I love you. Just the thought of you brightens my day completely, and sometimes I do bring you in my thoughts on purpose to make myself happy when I am down. Picturing your smile makes me smile, and I cannot wait to actually see that adoring woman I know with the unforgettable smile I know, so soon. I treasure you and keep you locked safe of my heart. I love you, sweetheart, and that is the only thing that is never going to change in my life. Always, and truly yours forever. Loving you everyday, Joe

Good morning My Love..... I want to feel your touch somehow in some small way today. I need you so much. Have a wonderful day and know that I love you.... Just Me.....Carole

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"Sure will be nice when I can have all the kisses I want (Rather hard to explain how I miss what I haven't had yet.) You are so special to me and I love you dearly..... Carole"


"Sure wish we were not so far apart...kinda difficult to remain patient, when my heart and thoughts are somewhere else. Since I am sure my heart is there with you, please take extra special care of it until I arrive in person. It's just me....Carole"

"I must touch you in some way, I must touch you now
to tell you how much I love you and how
You are a half of me without which I cannot survive
You are the air I breathe that makes me so alive

I long to become as one with you
one in spirit, mind and heart
Two souls joined together
A love so deep nothing can force it apart

Two hearts that must be joined together
Two hearts that will be forever
Two souls that will always be entwined
Two people forever as each others thine

Your last name must be mine
for it will be then that I will know in time
Never again shall we part, we will always be one heart
that you will always and forever be mine

Take my hand, take my heart, take my name
take the very essence of me
you must forever be a part of me
For from this day forward my heart will always belong to thee

Heart of my heart
Soul of my soul
Flesh of my flesh
Rib of my rib
I take thee as my wife
I take thee as my very life"


When you are sad....... I will dry your tears.
When you are scared...I will comfort your fears.
When you are worried...I will give you hope.
When you are confused....I will help you cope.
And when you are lost and can't see the light,
I will be your beacon, shinning so bright.
This is my oath, I pledge from the start...
Why you may ask?
Because you are my heart


"Pull me near you is my desire
As our souls become as one with each other
Our hearts start a fire that never will smother
A passion hotter than the hottest flame
A fire out of contrl


Of all the one's I've ever met,
you're the one I won't forget.

And if I die before you do
I'll go to heaven and wait for you

I'll give the angels back their wings and risk the loss of everything
Just to prove my love is true

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